Crossdogging in Saarland

Dog sports at the Lucky Dog Center. Together and just for fun

Crossdogging is a circuit training like you know it from school. Two people go to a station. While one of you does the task as often as possible during two minutes, the other counts the number of runs. Then the team swaps. Once both have mastered the station, they move on to the next one. This continues until all 5 stations have been mastered. So there are no waiting times! The tasks change weekly and are provided to the participating dog schools by Crossdogging GbR. Until the training hour the tasks are not known to the teams. The tasks go across the whole range of dog sports. Sometimes tricky, sometimes sporty, from Agi to Apport to lunging and Trickdog – there will be something for everyone and everyone will get their money’s worth.

Anyone can participate, no matter if young or old, professional or beginner.
There is no pressure to perform, we do it “just for fun” for dog and human.

We welcome both members and non-members of the Lucky Dog Center dog school to participate.

Crossdogging can be booked in a monthly package of 55,5€ (incl. 19% VAT) or with the Multipass.

For a non-binding tryout lesson please contact me.

Registrations are welcome by email, phone or Whatsapp.

Free info webinars are held on a regular basis. You can find the dates in the online calendar (customer area).

We are of course certified by Crossdogging Fydrich und Niewerth GbR and are therefore currently the only dog school in Saarland to offer this great concept in its original form.