Exercise and workout for your dog

Everyone knows it. You have to work late, do overtime or there are other time-consuming obligations and tasks. Constantly you have this guilty conscience towards your dog. The dog waits patiently at home all the time, doesn't get enough exercise, etc.

Here I can offer you a solution!

Lucky Dog Center also offers a dog walking service. If you are not able to exercise your dog(s) during your working hours, vacation or illness, or if you just don't want your dog to be alone at home for a long time, I will be happy to help you!

Comfortably we come to pick up the dog at home or at the office, go for a walk and bring him back to the desired place after the specified time. Depending on compatibility and desire, the dog can also play with conspecifics.

The care of your four-legged favorite is carried out by myself or by a staff member trained by myself.

Before the first walk:

Before we start, we make an appointment at your home (or at the desired pick-up location of the dog) in a timely manner. Without obligation you can get to know me and if applicable my team, express all your wishes, clarify questions and of course we get to know the dog.

In case of compatibility we will discuss the exact procedure and then we can start. Here we distinguish three bundles:

For the trip there is a charge of 0,50€ per kilometer driven.

For each additional dog from the same household, 10% discount on the above prices.

On Saturdays/Sundays and holidays a surcharge of 5€ will be charged.

For all packages there are flat rates and weekly rates. During a first appointment we will discuss together what is right for you.

Contact us today to get your personal offer.