Dog psychology and school

The Lucky Dog Center is formed by my Labradors Lucky, Lucy and me, Doreen. The creation of the center is my life’s dream, which I realized with and through my dog Lucky. Even though I have had dogs since I was a small child, Lucky has probably been the most decisive. Therefore I dedicate the name of my center also to him.

Respect, love and trust

The most important elements of my work.


No matter what breed, size or gender the dog has. Here, all are equal and are also treated the same. There are no “bad” attack dogs, and even the small lap dog is treated as a dog by us.
Respect also means non-violent. This means any leash jerking and pushing, as well as animal welfare relevant training methods such as teletact and prong collars. Such methods find no tolerance in the Lucky Dog Center.


With love we work playfully on the level of each dog and thus learn to strengthen the bond between man and dog. We never cause pain to a dog!
Through a loving understanding of a dog’s needs, humans learn to teach their best friend new things and solve problems.


If you combine respect and love, then you have trust. When the human trusts his dog, and the dog trusts his human, then we have created a great team. That’s exactly what Lucky, Lucy and I help with!
Because only if you can trust your partner, you can also go together through thick and thin!